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Dope credo:
African Dope is a headspace.
The label is not chasing a particular genre of music, but looking for original artists from Africa; fusing cutting edge sounds from the leftmost edge with a unique African flava - music with a global sensibility but an African soul.
Our motto is “No compromise on quality”
Our other motto is: “Not music for sheep”.
We aim to provide a platform for exposing the excellent music scene developing in and around Cape Town to a global audience.

Who we are: African Dope Records is an independent record label based in Cape Town, South Africa. It is the brainchild of the world renowned beats ‘n breaks DJ/producer duo Krushed & Sorted, who began and ran the record label from its original humble HQ in the centre of Cape Town back in 2000. Since April 2000, Dope has been releasing the phreshest beats and breaks by artists from the Mother City.

Why we are: Seven years ago the South African music underground was deeper and darker than a Gauteng mine-shaft. But down this mineshaft there was gold just waiting to be found. Enter a couple of DJs who had realised from early on that a DJ career in Cape Town was never going to grow beyond back-room raves without access to tunes that weren’t available anywhere else. So with mining hats, a pick axe of talent, a stick of dynamite ambition and a box of matches they went digging sub-surface, mining for that definitive Cape Town sound. They assembled some basic PC gear and a sampler, and started tinkering with beats. A lucky break arrived in making the music for a large tobacco corporation’s cinema advertisement, bringing in enough cash to set up the dream indie label and release the world’s first Krushed & Sorted CD: ‘Acid ™ Made Me Do It’.
The album was extremely well received by the local press, and sparked enough interest and well-paid commissioned work for the label to expand its horizons.

The next six years saw African Dope rise to become the definitive force giving voice to the new wave of South African music, music that was colour-blind, bass heavy. With a strong emphasis on high quality production made on low-budget gear, African Dope changed the way South Africans saw -and heard - the alternative electronic part of their new culture.

“African Dope Records has almost single-handedly sparked a mini music revolution for groove-based beats in Cape Town and other African cities.” – DJ Larry.

Initiate Phase III
After a year of intense backroom work setting up digital and mobile deals around the world, moving yet again into new premises in Cape Town’s Gardens area, and setting up Phase III of the label, the label finally released the long-promised and much anticipated “African Dope’s Greatest Hit” album, subtitled “Krushed & Sorted Re-hash all your favourite Dope joints”. It’s available on CD as a 42 track dj mega-mix by label bosses Krushed & Sorted, showcasing all the highs and lo-slung basslines of the label’s history so far. But it’s also available on a variety of other digital formats, including on Flash Drive and Mobile Memory Card bundles, and as a digital download package including all 42 full tracks plus the dj mix.

This is the new African Dope v2.0 – fully geared for the digital age, global in focus and attitude, and ready to unleash a brand new crop of the Cape’s choicest beats n breaks on your ass.

Crucial links:
Dope website: http://www.africandope.co.za
Dope gig-guide: http://africandope.co.za/african-dope-gig-guide.php
Stream all our music for free: http://www.last.fm/label/african+dope
Dope online shop: http://shop.africandope.co.za
Dope-dealers around the world: http://www.africandope.co.za/digitaldope.htm
Pimp your phone (SA only): http://www.dopemobile.co.za
Soul Candi Distribution: http://www.soulcandi.co.za
Dope press enquiries, mail: mailto:monsoon@p1mp.co.za

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