A Rezonant Hindsight


Phatter than your pet elephant, bigger than your baby mammoth, thicker than your bottom lip dangling in your empty wallet and taller than any story you’ll hear about it. The African Dope TechnoDubFest Arena at the Rezonance New Year’s Festival was all that it was touted to be and more.

Starting on the December 31st of that crusty memory that we used to call this year (2009), some of the finest acts in the land, electronic and otherwise, marched on and off of the Dope stage in a tireless and fascinating display of musical hopscotch. A nightmare for a sound guy. A dream for all in attendance. Thanks a ton to Spekta who shed blood to see it all go down smoothly, as well as everyone else who knows how much they contributed.

Day one was the build up to New Year’s which featured plenty of live MC’s, glitch-hop, dubstep, breakbeat and tech of all sorts taking the ladies and the lads into a head-throbbing, arm-flapping 2010.

As the first sunlight of the new decade began to alight the fragile faces of the no-sleep, the barely-slept and the just came through for New Year’s Day alike, the original African Dope legend Roach played a set as unique as it was rare. Changing the tempo up and setting the tone for a day of a quality of music that was nothing short of mind-blowing.

To be fully and 100% subjective, I will mention only two names. Lonesome Dave Ferguson and Krushed & Sorted. World class, full stop.

The final day was piping hot, almost puke-inducingly hot and as the sweat plopped off of the foreheads, the TechnoDubFest Arena head-nodded the crowds back to a fraction of reality with class never-ending. Who would expect anything less from African Dope, and if so, then why so? What a pleasure, and thanks for making it a Dope New Year. 

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