The Dank Has Landed


The latest addition to our shop is by the Cape Town Glitch phenomenon known as ’Dank‘. His (official) debut album, ’Cooking The Books‘ is one that we’ve been loving for some time now, and it’s our pleasure to now stock this sample-laden, glitch hopping delight of an album in our Online Dope Shop.

You might have got a taste of the Dankness on the Mix n Blend album, where he features prominently. And if you haven’t, buy ‘Cooking The Books’ it in the next two weeks, and you’ll get the Mix n Blend - Look Mom No Hands Remixes EP free!!

Here’s some info on this dude Dank: He’s a DJ/Producer that’s been doing his thing out of Cape Town for about 6 years now, and doing it damn well. He lists his interests as: Vintage Analog Synths and Keyboards, DJ’ing and Fish.

In his own words, he explains the album as being: “A mix of genres which glides across the spectrum from new school swing to head-bob, hip-hop stuff with squelchy old analogue bass, to down tempo eclectic stuff”. Right now, he’s killing it with his current project called Sedge Warbler, a duo consisting of himself and Disco Israel (P.H.Fat).

Now get in there, and get yourself some Dankaliciousness from the Dope Shop!!.

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