The Return of Krushed & Sorted!!!


Perhaps the only story that could ever warrant the use of three exclamation marks on this oh so tasteful website. A visual orgasm is what Earthdance was treated to as Krushed & Sorted debuted their LITERALLY ground-breaking, live audio-visual masterpiece of masterfully Dope beats, metronomically mixed with psychedelic, serious and hilarious live visuals.
And of course the live drums put a sticky, glossy, shiny cherry on top of a cake you just want to bury your face in. Enough from the giddy fan, here’s a verbatim quote from Krushed & Sorted orginal Roach to explain: 

“[It’s] A futuristic, live, synchronized, audio-visual performance. Involving audio samples from ableton, and video samples from vj software: VDMX. This being triggered simultaneously by the same controller, and tweaked live by all three players: Fletcher [beats], Inka [visuals] and Shaun Ou Tim [live drums]”.

Video footage coming shortly… GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!

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