Farewell, Fair Cape


African Dope is parting ways. Roach is heading off to MIDEM, which is the annual meeting of anyone who’s anyone in the business of music. An international show and tell of the musically inclined. A bullring of music men in business suits. A celebration of name-dropping. Roach, of course, will not be wearing a suit. Instead he’ll be sporting some of African Dope’s new t-shirts (available in the Dope shop from the end of Feb) while he goes about representing our land South Africa to the whole wide world.

At the same time, Honey B is going to strengthen family ties, while I am going up to Grahamstown to fix houses. So, if you must call, call in Feb:) We’ll be back in action from 1 Feb, and you can get in touch with Honey B via email till then (honeyb@africandope.co.za). When we resurface, we’ll be gathering strength, moving office, and continuing to deliver that unmistakable flavour which is Dopeness.

Be well.

Posted by bakaman on 01/22 at 02:52 PM
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