African Dope Tour


1st excerpt from the African Dope West Coast goes East Tour Diary from our faithful scribe, bakaman (Chamber Concept)

Had anyone managed to leave A Dope Night Out (in) Wilderness with their shoes on and their minds intact, they would have been able to tell you that it absolutely blasted. The beats bent the trees backwards, my back is knotted and I’m writing you from a fetal position with tears of joy streaming down my face. It is of course possible that the tears are a result of the bungy. About 6 long seconds during which your mind is absolutely certain of imminent death, limbs flailing like Charlie the Chicken on his big school visit to the slaughterhouse. Disco said no thank you very much, Flo claimed he didn’t want to jump in a spaceboot, Dank had to turn back on the walk to the bridge. Hyphen – No. Fear, adrenaline, all that good stuff, we’ll have to sort out some clips of the jump footage…..

So! On we march! Hyphen & SFR tore down SSS last night (Sundays can’t stop us) and Dank tried to turn some Parlotones fans onto some of the reeeeal dopeness at The Cuervo Room.The boulder is rolling, lie yourself in its path.

Tonight (JULY 6)
Liver & Chamber Concept are looking to continue the chaos at Slipstream (SSS) in New Street
Time: Around Midnight
Spekta & Six-Six-One are planning to spin minds at the Old Gaol
Time: 10 pm

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