Mix n Blend - Look Mom No Hands


Electronic music has torn sheet music into grey shades of confetti. It’s turned setting an album genre into Russian Roulette and genre-innovation into brain surgery. Meet Patient X: ’Look Mom, No Hands’ by Mix n Blend. An album which is a masterfully molded combination of styles and individuals, strung together with a lingering flavour that never loses touch with itself, true to its distinctly South African multi-culturalism. These three dedicated sonic artisans are DJ/Producers based in Cape Town. Professionals to the dotted t and the crossed eye. Or something like that.

Check out a preview of the album below, grab it in digital format from our very own dope store by clicking the buy link, or browse through some of the photo's from the Stellenbosch Leg of the Album Launch and Some Video's from their recent Oppikoppi Performance. Press pack also available for download below.

Mix n Blend Look Mom No Hands by mixnblend

Stellenbosch album launch pics

Mix n Blend @ Oppikoppi 2009

Fletcher's 'Shall we Swing' video edit