Mix n Blend kick off their ‘Look Mom No Hands’ album launch Tour


Stellenbosch’s Mystic Boer hosted the first leg of Mix n Blend’s: ‘Look Mom No Hands’ album launch tour this past Friday with a dress-up party of note. Nightmare Before Christmas was the theme, and in true Matie style, no holds were barred, no costume was too ridiculous, and no amount of face painting too extreme. Once again, and as usual, Mix n Blend came to pop the people’s socks off, and that is exactly and precisely what they did, building things up in typically consummate style to their diverse live act that had the crowd monkeying around (as suggested on their album cover).

For some fans, the nightmare will live in the mind for many a Christmas to come, as inevitably, when you drink in Stellenbosch, things go wrong. Some people say that I (Bakaman) ended up passing out in the wee hours and had to be carried out of the Mystical. Personally, I don’t believe those kind of lies. Others say that Honey B spent the night in lock up for drunk driving. (While on the way to the police station to identify the person who’d just stolen her phone. Irony, no?). 

All that I can tell you for sure is that it all went down like a spoonful of sugar. While the Stellies medicine is what caused all the trouble. ‘Look Mom No Hands’ is coming to a club near you this December as the tour takes them country-wide. We’ll be keeping you posted. 

Check out the pictures below and listen to songs from the album on Soundcloud. The whole shabang will be for sale in the Dope Store by 6 November.

Posted by bakaman on 10/26 at 10:47 AM
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