Mix n Blend Launch a Swinging Success


On Friday the 4th of December, Mix n Blend unleashed the official launch of their debut album at Assembly in Cape Town.. And the earth trembled.

I’m certain that Mix n Blend remember a time when a party was just that.. a party. Those days when they would be ordering pizza instead of drawing faces on cardboard fish and sea-monkeys. Those summery Friday afternoons of reclining on the beach instead of precariously suspending cardboard waves from the ceiling beams. Those breezy summer evenings of pre-drinks with friends instead of extensive sound-checking and thumb-twiddling. Those days are dead. Though of course, all the hard work is worth it ten times over when the whole crowd doesn’t budge from the dancefloor throughout your live set.

A whirlwind of MC’s plundered on and off the stage while Mix n Blend treated the people of our fine city to an evening of hands in the air and wide-open jaws, performing and effecting songs from their album ‘Look Mom No Hands’ live on stage. A seamless collaboration of a range of talented Capetonians crooning, rapping and playing instruments live, Rayelle, Ross DaBone, EJ Von Lyrik, Bakaman, Lee Thomson, Mike Zietsman, Farrell Adams and Sindy (who became a mother today, congratulations Sindy!!) all whipped the crowd up into a frenzy while the Blenders handled the beats.

African Dope extends a thousand thank you’s to all the acts that took part in this musical bonanza, Filewile was nothing short of superb, Chamber Concept brought on the sweat (if I don’t say so myself), Niskerone was the unquenchable energy that he always is, and Hyphen was his typical class-act self. Check some pictures from the preparation to the party on Flickr, watch out for Mix n Blend all over the place this December, including the Nokia Comes with Music Party Bus, and always, ALWAYS, remember to be cool.

Yes. You. Be cool.

Posted by bakaman on 12/09 at 12:18 PM
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