courtesy of jhblive, an interview with the man in the African Dope studio hotseat…

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introducing your FREE midweek Dope session, every Wednesday @ Long Street’s newest venue the Orchard Bank

brought to you by sSHADOWORKSs and African Dope:

By public demand, a regular weekly Dope session where you can catch Fletcher, D-Form, HoneyB, Low, Krushed & Sorted, Blunted Stuntman, Waddy jones, Tykoon Suit and many more local and international friends on rotation in comfy, casual surroundings.... dancefloor and lounge available.

Venue: The Orchard Bank
address: 229b Long Street, CT (below Cool Runnings)
entrance: FREE

competitions, give-aways and cheap cds on sale every week.

more info

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Release dates for the 3 new African Dope releases in Germany were announced yesterday, in conjunction with our new distribution partners ALIVE AG and promotion partners BEATS INTERNATIONAL

The following release dates are for the territories of Germany, Switzerland and Austria:

10 Jan 2005 ADOPECD011 Kalahari Surfers - Muti Media

17 Jan 2005 DIYCD001 Various - Silvertab Harambe Dope Sessions

14 March 2005 ADOPECD010 African Dope Soundsystem

for more info please contact Sven @ Beatsinternational

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