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2 floors, combing the Dope and Movement elements for a night not to be missed.

Event: African Dope – Real Estate CD Launch

Date: Friday 18th March 2005

Venue: Color Bar – 44 Stanley Ave. Auckland Park

Doors Open: 21h00

Entrance: R50 before 21h30, R70 there after

Info:  next movement email or 082-362-5592

here’s the flier… full press release below.

Next Movement presents African Dope @ Color Bar
Friday 18th March – Press Release

African Dope Records has been at the forefront of South African hip-hop, drum & bass, break-beat and dub culture for the past five years, releasing many groundbreaking albums and compilations that have become the distinguishing sound of “Dope”.

The Cape Town based crew will be touring Gauteng for the first time since 2003, for the Real Estate Agents CD Launch. Next Movement Productions will be hosting the Joburg leg at the Color Bar on Friday 18th March, over 2 floors, combing the Dope and Movement elements for a night not to be missed.

Event: African Dope – Real Estate CD Launch
Date: Friday 18th March 2005
Venue: Color Bar – 44 Stanley Ave. Auckland Park
Doors Open: 21h00
Entrance: R50 before 21h30, R70 there after
Info: or or - 082-362-5592

Line Up:

African Dope Floor: Krushed and Sorted, The Real Estate Agents (Sibot and Markus Wormstorm), Watkin Tudor Jones, Interlope (France), Spoek Mathambo, VJ Blink.

Movement Floor: Kid Fonque (3 hr Saludomundo Session), 2lani Vs Pimp Squad (4 hr set), Teddy, Infinite

Next Movement Productions

Over the past few years, Next Movement Productions has moved from strength to strength, continually setting the standard of our events ever higher. From almost two years ago, when we were the first promoters in South Africa to successfully fuse stand-up comedy into a dance floor environment at a major dance event such as our first event at Carfax, “One Love”. Since then we’ve hosted top international DJs such as Tim Westwood and DJ Woody from the UK, Boris Duglosch and Boogie Pimps from Germany, and deep house sensations Kaskade and Harrison Crump, from the USA.

Most recently, we made news headlines last year with the resounding success of the Millers Movement International featuring Alexkid (France) in Norwood, which saw a sell out crowd flock to Grant Avenue for an event that paved the way for this completely new event concept, that seems set to revolutionize the clubbing industry. The event was hosted over five venues situated along Grant Avenue, with a wrist band allowing our patrons access to the different dance floors in each of the venues. This event concept is in a league of its own, creating a carnival type vibe in the street, which was compared to the legendary parties held in Miami during the Winter Music Conference, by Alexkid himself, who also went on to quote the party as “his best ever event” in the October issue of Y Mag.


Interlope, Parisian duo who has shot drum & bass into live unexplored areas, is in full mutation.

They are leaving Jarring Effects records to join Expressillon , following on a conclusive first experience in the Chip Jockey collection , to release their new Album ‘Electrified’

A change of their scenic configuration: the unfit to travel 24 channels console and the fragile Atari’s computers who have made their renown in the d&b;and free movements give way to new computerised options, light and ergonomic, far from removing their desire for improvisation and permanent dialogue.

But foremost, Dragongaz & Rimshot, not contenting themselves anymore with their galloping beats and rich mix of drum&bass;and tekno, now flirt with a vibe more close to breakbeat and electro hip hop ; even though they still give let all loose in parties…
A direction already tackled on ‘Talk to the Beat’ , released in 2002, and now strongly asserted, sharpened, refined, particularly by collaborating with many artists. ‘Electrified’ is then peppered with collaborations, from the Americans Jamalski (known for his collaborations with Boogie Down Productions, Aphrodite, Fatboy Slim, etc...) and Mc Sk , both met in Paris to Waddy Jones aka Mc Totally Rad and Sibot aka Dj Fuck from African Dope label, both met during a South Africa and Reunion Island tour in September 2003. A marking experience which probably had an impact on today’s new direction and confirms the importance taken by Interlope on the international electronic scene.

Keeping their experimental and spontaneous approach of music, Interlope, having achieved maturity, don’t need to force the pace anymore to captivate – and all the strength of their digital creations reveals itself in full expressive bloom.
A power henceforth amply recognised in Europe, the duellists having accumulated a large number of gigs since their association in 1999, from the biggest French festivals to the teknivals, clubs or raves.

Their meeting took place at the Ephémère Hospital in Paris , true meeting point of a whole part of the French nineties scene, unique link between the acoustic and electronic worlds. Dragongaz, after the rock adventure of Spunge Paper, joins Ultra Orange with a desire to play digital sounds and starts a couple of duos, a techno one called Psaïzone (signed on No Tek) and Sounds Like Pistols, versed in big beat. Rimshot, on his side, plays the drums for Lt No.
Both get a kick out of the liberty offered by electronics as well as the festive impulse surrounding this music discovered by their meeting with the Spiral Tribe, the free British techno tribe whose influence has never faltered since then.

Interlope sign their birth certificate with a track on the album ‘ Prepare to Reactivate’ from buddies Oneyed Jack. After a number of performances on the free party scene, they join Jarring Effects in 2001, the label from Lyon , home of the dubbers High Tone. Two singles are released in prelude to a percussive, eclectic and innovating first album : ‘ Talk to the Beat’ ; quickly followed by an EP in collaboration with whimsical MC Jamalski.
These three singles, enriched by two fascinating unreleased tracks, have been reedited on a single CD by Jarring Effects under the codename ‘Computer Selecta 2001-2004’ last June - before going ahead with Expressilon


Krushed & Sorted are the dj/producer team who started and still run African Dope Records. since they combined record cases to become a dj crew in late 97, k&s;have become a dominant force in the underground SA music industry, headlining most festivals and major music events and setting new standards for SA music production with their special brand of bassheavy phat beats in all styles and tempos from dub, hiphop and triphop to nuskool breaks and jungle.

the label was launched in april 2000 with k&s;’s debut album ‘acid ™ made me do it’- the ultimate diy album, put together on a pentium 1 pc and old yamaha sampler with samples downloaded from the internet.
since then, the duo have been way too busy to release anything else themselves - mixing and mastering almost every release on the label, touring europe and africa, running the label, and producing a huge volume of productions for tv ads and cinema.

Until now, 2005 sees the release of the long awaited next K&S;’s project, entitled ‘African Dope’s Greatest Hit – REHASH’. This album will feature a seamless DJ mix of the entire African Dope Catalogue. At the same time they’re working on new multimedia formats, new forms fusing electronic and live music with visuals…

To date K&S;have played all across SA, most of Europe, and pockets of Africa. They opened for Basement Jaxx in CT and JHB, and play MCQP every year.

The Real Estate Agents - Dropping supremo sonic supremacy…

For those not up to date on the cutting edge of South African originality, The Real Estate Agents is the dynamic pairing of lab kids on distortion Sibot and Markus Wormstorm. Sibot is 2002 SA Battle of the DJs scratch champion, and DJ in many other forms. Keen to establish himself as a solo artist, he’s busy developing an album while composing jingles for the likes of Black Cat Peanut Butter and FFWD in SA and ski ads for German TV.

Markus Wormstorm is a classically trained beat terrorist from Pretoria whose tunes (there are over 100 in the African Dope unreleased SA library!!) are starting to pop up all over the place - on the ‘Cape Town 2 am and lounging’ compilation for example, and soon on the first of three albums he’ll do for New York label Sound-INK. And he’s only 14 years old …

These two unstable sonic scientists with a fetish for low-fi audio-visual property values (who are also the brains and beats behind that other fine experiment called The Constructus Corporation, but that’s a different biography all together) have both made deeply distinct impressions on the leftfield music scenes both on home soil and abroad, where their disdain for conventional DJ or production laws has led them to be much hailed and critically acclaimed by the electronic music cognoscenti.

The mergence of the two mix maestros on The Real Estate Agents project has got to be one of the most exiting things to happen in the past decade for organic electronic music this side left of the mainstream.
Live, the dynamic duo own their audience, stepping it up a notch as they re-invent the art of performance with some creative DJ’ing, scratching, sampling and live beat manipulation. Using an array of EQ, gear, rare and often humorous sounds, beats, loops and samples, they hack into your nervous system by way of your feet, rewiring brain by way of spine. Add some growling slow ‘n phat sub hunting basslines and you have all the ingredients for an all out freq fest of beat-bop, glitch-hop, drop-top to the cop shop fun.

The term “dancefloor terrorism” probably sums it up best. .
Either way it is all a welcome change to the faux hard-core, bling-bling cashing attitude currently undermining urban-roots music.
Their debut release out now on African Dope Records is a three-disc affair, Disc 1 sees Sibot let loose over 21 tracks that fuse various styles from hip-hop through to jazz with a healthy dose of dancefloor friendly electronica, all the while showcasing the kid’s unique angle on music production and in true Sibot style will undoubtedly prove to be a benchmark title for South African electronic music, Disc 2 turns it over to Markus with 17 electronically inspired and multi-textured genre-free tracks that promise to be subliminally ambient, overtly funky but all intricately and superbly composed and masterfully executed, which is what we and the world have come to expect from Mr. Wormstorm.

Disc three is audio-visual eye candy and the whole package is well deserving of every music award in the book! Brokenbeat glitchkwaito from another planet meets the low-slung sound of funk? This is going to be the sound of Cape Town this summer and a finer soundtrack to the phuture you could not ask for.

(File under chunky beats-with-a-hip-kwaito-glichhop-kinda-mid-tempo-feel.)
African Dope Records is an independent label from Cape Town, South Africa, releasing fresh beats and breaks by artists from Cape Town since April 2000. It is the brainchild of Cape Town beats n breaks dj/producer team Krushed & Sorted, who started and run the label from its HQ in the centre of Cape Town.

The label has grown rapidly from a couple of djs with a couple of crates of records and high ambitions, into the definitive voice of the new wave of South African music - colourblind, bass heavy, an exotic blend of third world style and first world production values. With a strong emphasis on high quality production made on low-budget gear, African Dope has clearly changed the way South Africans see the leftfield of SA music, and has almost single-handedly sparked a mini music revolution for groove-based beats in Cape Town and other cities.
This contribution to the SA music scene became official when the ‘African Dope Vol 1’ compilation won a 2002 SAMA award for ‘Best Dance Album’.

It began in early 2000 when Krushed & Sorted realized that a promising dj career in Cape Town was never going to progress without acess to tunes that weren’t available elsewhere - they needed to start producing and releasing their own tunes and developing a Cape Town sound. They assembled some basic pc gear and a sampler, and decided to move into a studio to start producing their own beats. A lucky break early on - making the music for a large tobacco corporation’s cinema advertisement - brought in enough cash to set up the label and release the first cd - Krushed & Sorted’s ‘Acid ™ Made Me Do It’.

The album was extremely well received by the local press, and sparked enough interest and well-paid commissioned work for the label to expand its horizons. African Dope signed Moodphase5ive - a 6 piece live funk/soul/jazz/hiphop/dub outfit, and Felix Laband - a pc-based ambient/electronica producer with unique sense of melody and quirk, and released Moodphase5ive’s debut album ‘Steady On’ (december 2000) and Felix Laband’s debut album ‘Thin Shoes In June’ (march 2001) to the same critical and popular acclaim.

Outside of South Africa, in April 2001 African Dope secured a distribution deal through Lowlands Distribution in Belgium, which reaches the Benelux countries and on export to most major territories. Distribution and promotion arrangements have followed all over the world - check the DOPEDEALERS page for more details.

In the meantime, African Dope continues to work closely with the booming film and advertising industries in Cape Town - making original music and providing sound design and licensing services to a wide range of local and international clients, and thereby providing the fuel that keeps the label’s engine burning.
Towards the end of 2001, African Dope signed and released the first new album in 13 years from the original South African electronics pioneer Kalahari Surfers, called ‘Akasic Record’. The success of these releases inevitably attracted the attention of a major label, and in november 2001 African Dope licensed a compilation - ‘African Dope Vol 1’ - to Sony Music SA. The album features new tracks from Felix Laband and Kalahari Surfers, remixes of Moodphase5ive, and introduces the next wave of African Dope artists - Mime, Syllabic, Ghettomuffin, Anti-Hero, Craig Damster and others…

With the force of Sony behind it, the label had now become the darling of the SA media, enjoying both street-level and critical cred, plus high profile even in the most mainstream of cd stores around the land. However the label retained absolute independence from Sony, and continues developing and releasing it’s own roster.

2002 saw the release of Felix Laband’s 2nd album 4/4 Down the stairs, Moodphase5’s remix release ‘Super Delux Mode’, hip hop trio’s Godessa’s single - ‘Social ills’ and the labels first compilation under itself ‘The Cape of Good dope’. All have been met with unparalleled acclaim from dope heads and media alike. With the connections between the label and European interest growing, artists toured through Europe promoting the distinctive sound and ‘vibe’ that is South Africa’s African Dope.

African Dope Records had a fairly low profile year in 2003 following major distribution problems around the release of cd no 9 – the ambitious Constructus Corporation hardcover book / cd concept album in early 2003. This distribution disaster prevented the release of any new titles during 2003, but had a positive outcome - eventually leading to African Dope securing an excellent press & distribution deal for SA with Sony Music SA – with the release of 2 new titles at the end of 2003 to kickstart the new deal:
African Dope Soundsystem (a huge new african reggae/dancehall collaboration) and the second african Dope album from the Kalahari Surfers – Muti Media. 2004 will no doubt be an expansive year for the label with new promotion and distribution arrangements in SA, Germany and the UK, aand a year’s backlog of quality Sa music piled up waiting to be heard

‘African Dope’ is a headspace - the label is not chasing a particular genre of music, but looking for original artists from Africa, fusing cutting edge sounds from the leftmost edge of dance music with a unique african flava - music with a global sensibility but an african soul……. could be dub, hiphop, breakbeat, drum n bass, downtempo, electronica, or any combination of the above ? The motto of the label is “No compromise on quality’, and we aim to provide a platform for exposing the excellent music scene developing in and around Cape Town to a global audience.

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@ Channel O African Music Vid Awards

Hoodlum’s freakd vid for “The Mind”, featured on the Silvertab Harambe Dope Sessions cd, has been nominated for an award in the 2004 CHANNEL O AFRICAN MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS.

nomination is in the category: BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS

do yo bit and cast your vote HERE

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