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After many months of negotiation, African Dope is very happy announce a comprehensive digital distribution deal with Bay Area digital distributor INGROOVES ( )

INGROOVES act as content provider of selected indie electronic / urban music labels to most of the best digital distribution outlets in the world, and our deal with them means you can now buy almost our entire catalogue via Itunes, Rhapsody, Napster and many other paid download / subscription sites. new outlets added all the time.

African Dope is now available from the following digital outlets:

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5 minutes is all is costs ya

If you enjoy hearing ultra-commercial formula music on every music channel as you turn the dial, this piece is not for you.

it requires some input from you - and there’s nothing in it for you except the warm glow of doing something good that didn’t cost anything. we appreciate that you’re probably here for the music and not some dude moaning, so if this don’t interest ya, now might be a great time to hit the “downloads” page and tuck in. to the free stuff.


the truth is, we have a very big problem with radio in SA cos we can’t get our music playlisted anywhere. not on any channel on the sabc. not on any campus stations. nowhere. and it’s not from lack of trying - we religiously sample all radio stations we think might play our cds. we give away 50 or 100 cds to music managers and djs, and it’s scary how little happens.

and if we’re having trouble getting a scrap of the radiowaves on offer, imagine what smaller labels and artists are going through.

if the stations were telling us the music was shit, that would be one thing. there’s a lot of shit music out there cos it’s so easy to make these days. but they’re not - they’re telling us it’s “not their format”.

the truth is - the only reason why you don’t hear jungle, underground hiphop, electronica, real dancehall, dub and other music styles on the radio as you do almost everywhere else in the world is because big(and increasingly little) radio has decided for you that they’re not going to play it. it’s not YOUR format.

and we just let them get away with it.
dictating taste to us.

behind the scenes, well over 90% of all the songs you hear on the radio are from 4 record companies - the majors. sonybmg alone commands over 40% of radioplay in SA, universal around 30%.

this doesn’t just happen because they have the best music, it happens because they spend so much on media that they can literally buy all the promotional time available. because there are only that many ad spots, competitions and even tracks possible per hour on a given station.

and if you’ve bought most of them, there’s nothing left for anyone else, is there?

of course the majors are mostly selling imported stars with millions of dollars of free publicity behind them, free music videos to use etc. they’re not bastards for doing this - wouldn’t you?

cd sales are down all over the world, and the majors have reacted the only way they could be expected - tighten up and lock down the marketplace.  problem is - they’re not looking to develop new markets and ideas, they only want to sell cds. period. so they focus their energy on their sure things and try to buy enough time to keep their competitors out. after all, if people only know your music, surely that’s all they’ll buy!

the effect of this buy-out of the media has been that our choice in content has been whittled down to a pretty meager selection of lowest common denominator feel good but plz don’t make me think type music. and because anything that doesn’t fit that profile is immediately classified as “not our format” by the tastemakers who dictate taste at us from their ivory broadcast suites, the masses are never exposed to anything else, and therefore that’s all they know. and if all they know is schlock, that’s all they buy.

and if you think radio is bad, try getting an african dope music video onto tv… sigh, so little time, so much bling…

did you choose this?
of course not. nobody willingly hands over their taste, do they??!!

thing is - by not doing anything about it, we are choosing it.

i don’t care if 90% of the people only want to listen to schlock, and 90% of radio only wants to play it to them. that’s their choice. but surely there’s enough of us who want to listen to Roots Manuva and Sibot on the radio too?
surely there’s space for us too?

at the moment, there isn’t room for kalahari surfers, african dope soundsystem, real estate agents, and dozens of other promising independent artists and labels around SA who aren’t the select few living the kwaito highlife in jozi.

think about how small a selection of music we’re actually being exposed to as a result, and how it’s hurting local music. and we’re letting it happen.

without support there’s only one outcome for these labels: close up shop and/or head for europe. we just lost Justin 7Ark and his Unit.R label to the UK, where he’s releasing to great international acclaim on labels like Colony. but of course, it’s doubtful whether a single Colony track has even been dropped on SA radio, so nobody cares, and why should they?

i care because i want our cds to sell so we can eat. but i also care because i don’t like being herded. and i’m lucky enough to be able to see the herding process, and have a mailing list of 5000 people to discuss it with.

time to do so something about it.

we’re working on an outrageous manouvre to liberate the airwaves. a dynamic concept they never saw coming. it’s going to be huge.

but in the meantime - here’s what you can do:

tell the stations what you wanna hear. 

cos if you don’t tell them, how are they going to know?
and if 5000 of us tell them - it takes a very, very big ego (or payola check) not to react.

email your local station and demand to hear more varied music.
demand things by name.
and if you feelin it - demand African Dope by name.
demand The Real Estate Agents. Lark.
or you’re switching channels.

we’ve made it easy for you.

here is a list of all the right email addresses at all the stations in SA who we know could be bent into giving us more support, if we gave them more ammunition with which to bend in our direction.

after all, even if we don’t have freedom of choice anymore -
we still have freedom of speech, right?


METRO SMS LINE metro sms page
RADIO 2000


TUKS FM (Pretoria)
MFM (Stellenbosch)
RAU RADIO (jozi)
TOP STEREO (Pretoria) ThorpeJW@TUT.AC.ZA
RMR (Grahamstown) rmr vote page

if you’re still in the mood - plz request our music videos on tv

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brand new - check it

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‘say thank you’ for the beats

you won’t hear their music on the radio (because it’s “not the format” of almost very station in the land), but the Real Estate Agents and the music production company Say Thank You in which they are partners are hot in demand by some of the nation’s biggest brands to compose music and sound design for their big-budget tv ads.

Following up his Loerie winning piece for Metro - “Jihad on the Dancefloor” (which they won’t play on the station cos it’s “not their format”. weird huh?), Markus Wormstorm then dropped this stinker for Audi


His Real Estate partner Sibot has also been busy, with customary cheek applied to the recent Fisheagle campaign…

finally, those killa beats for the Levi’s Foootwear ad - that’s"the Kif R continue” (preview HERE) from Sibot’s CD on the Real Estate album. 
killa, ne?

we are always open to licensing our music to all kinds of media forms, on the simple principle that the more you pay the more open we are. many of the world’s most successful industries, such as prostitution, operate on this principle.

which is why we said “next time” to a recent request to license “superevil”, to an ad for that big soulful music chainstore. they want to use the music for their ad cos it’s a perfect fit with the image they’re going for, but they’re not prepared to stock the cd in their stores (you guessed it ... “not their format”!!!). and of course they had minimal budget. so we said “next time"…

wanna license a Real Estate Agents track?

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special on TRACKS in june.

During March we hosted those nutters from TRACKS - one of Europe’s most influential nu music shows - in SA for a couple of weeks to check out the scene around African Dope and the ct underground music scene. they hung out at the Long Street Festival, with Waddy Jones and the Real Estate Agents, Chris Dragongaz (our French connection from the group Interlope), and spent some time chillin’ at Spliff Records studios in Gugulethu.

we think they got right underneath what makes this funky city’s music underbelly tick… but check it for yo’self:


09 JUNE @ 22:45

11 JUNE @ 17:50

look out for a web special during the week of broadcast on

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