at last - ct radio worth tuning into!!!

dj larry reports:

did you know that the major labels (that’s 4 record companies) now control over 90% of SA’s airwaves?

these 4 companies release quite a lot of music… about 25% of all music released globally. but they end up with 90% of the airplay… which by default means that all the non-major music, ie the other 75%, only gets 10% leftover airplay to scrap over between themselves. and some scavengers are bigger than others…

this is why, as you flip the dial in a city like cape town, you will not hear for example the real estate agents on a single station, ever.  it’s “not our format” they say unanimously, the various “youth” stations on offer to your ears. 10 stations can’t find a single track out of 50 on the CD to play even once.

this is why top local acts like 7Ark go and live in the first world all the time. Because how an act can pack out every gig they play, become the first SA act ever invited to perform at Sonar, crack features in cosmo and gq, be the hottest new commercial sound designers on the block - and yet not be able to get a single track played on a single station in their hometown?

except for MUTHA FM,
where one fine tuesday evening a few weeks back they played an outrageous hour long live set, including rewiring the studio and the reciting of live X-rated poetry by Markus Wormstorm. And you’ll probably hear their tracks every couple of days. and the occasional guest slot, or fresh-off-the-pc-digital-dub-plate.

if you didn’t know yet, MUTHA FM is ct’s underground dance music radio station - broadcasting 7 days a week 9-12 pm with a format of 3 hour shows hosted by some of CT’s best known underground dj personalities and catering to most underground dance music tastes. this is a place where your requests for ‘crazy in love’ will probably end in disappointment.

MUTHA FM is the only radio station in cape town whose music policy is not dictated to them by the major labels, for the simple fact that the major labels are scared shitless of it. scared of what it represents to their absolute control over the media. scared of losing marketshare. but mostly, scared to death of some of the djs on the station - which is just as well when you consider some of the nutters MUTHAFM has let loose on the airwaves, personal favourites being:

TUES 6-9: THE BOOGIEMAN’s funksoulgroove show
TUES 9-12: DJ DOPE african dope sessions
THU 6-9: DAVE MAC & DJ VU - backroom beats
SUN 6-12: JUAN THYME & DJ LEGWARMER - slippery sugary sundays.

some of this stuff bites!
check it out for yourself across the city on most receivers - MUTHA FM 90.8 FM
if the state of cape town radio makes you sick, you’ll feel better.

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Africa Festival is the prestigous annual african and carribean music festival in Würzburg, which attracted more than 123 000 people during Africafestival 2004. This year, African Dope Soundsystem has been invited to perform in a choice line-up including JULIAN MARLEY, RAUL PAZ, BOUBACAR TRAORE, LUCKY PETERSON, OMAR, KASSAV, MELLOW MARK, GERMAICA RECORDS and many more, plus markets, cinema…

looks like a seriously dope festival - if you’re anywhere near Würzburg at the end of may - don’t miss it!


Posted by jon.mixnblend on 05/11 at 03:00 PM
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