following up on Markus Wormstorm’s Loerie-award winning music for the MetroFM ‘Chess’ tv ad in 2004, he joined forces with fellow Real Estate Agent Sibot to hustle together the beats for the awesome new MetroFM animated tv ad via the sound production house they co-own - Say Thank You.

the ad is all over SABC TV, featuring some tight animation and supa-phly mutating beats by the Real Estate Agents. now if only Metro would play some of the music from their cd on the radio ... smile

download the Metro ‘Chess’ ad - featuring Markus Wormstorm’s ‘jihad on the dancefloor’ HERE

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In order to ease through an application to become a bona-fide community station catering to the needs of those who enjoy non-top-40 schlock on their radio dials, Mutha FM has retreated from the FM radio dial and become an online only radio station.

still broadcasting shows by CT’s finest dj talent - check it out 24/7:

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