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influential san franciscan music.tech.nightlife.style mag BPM (which also powers the djmixed.com electronic music portal) has a new digital album called “White Label Session Vol 1” out on Itunes now, featuring several Dope tracks and a host of eclectic vibes mixed by David Ireland.

get this great digital mix album here:

BPM Presents White Label Sessions, Vol. 1

more great promotional placement work from our digital distribution partners INGROOVES.

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with lots of dope in the mix

so - freq nasty in cape town and joburg on the weekend of 28 / 29 October eh.

also on the bill in ct on fri 28 oct are the real estate agents, krushed & sorted, mini da minx, and more; the jozi gig on sat 29 has the real estate agents, blunted stuntman, dj redwood and 4 floors worth of alternate entertainment.

get the picture?
if you end up somewhere like r&b;night at rhodes house next weekend because “there was nothing better going on and at least there are loose cherries there” - then you’re a twat.

all that remains to be said is that the flier for the CT gig has some wicked caricatures of some dope people looking like the undead, while the flier for the joburg gig has a picture of a naked cowgirl on a horse.

we’re not kidding - see for yourself:

those jozi gig details again :
(coz they had to make the text small to squeeze more focus on the breas… er, dude with the shades)

Venue - Carfax, 39 Pimm Str , Newtown
Time - 9:00 PM
Damage - R90 at http://www.computicket.co.za (just search “freq") or R100 @ Door

Two Twiggs Breaks and Bleeps Floor:
DJ Redwood (Two Twiggs)
Real Estate Agents (African Dope)
Freq Nasty (International, Skint Records)
Mr Bong and Afrowhitie (Two Twiggs)
Blunted Stuntman and Missile Myles, Shanghai China (Two Twiggs)
MPI Project (Two Twiggs)

House Floor:
Flash Republic (Craig Massiv, Tamara Dey, Ryan Dent)
Glen (Dont Look Down)

Secret Floor:
Greg Bowes
Naughty Tortoise
King Of Town
Easy Tiger
Disc Ho

MVG Floor
Mr Edwards
George Sax
Warren Louder

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mp3s for sale at melo.pl

the global village - gotta love it.

african dope catalogue is now available to purchase via digital download in Poland at melo.pl, with some sweet introductory prices.  bargain hunters - these prices won’t be there forever.

the deal is the first fruit of a strategic partnership african dope has established in poland with the friendly fellows at NEUMADE.NET. there’s lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline, with plans in action for tours, artist exchanges, publishing and other constructive stuff like getting decent vodka into SA and sun-grown weed into Poland.

stay tuned for details, although most of these will mean nothing to you unless you speak polish.

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new free video in the MEMBERS AREA

NICE ONE GEORGE is the SIBOT track that offended Mark Gillman so badly he cut it off the air and dissed it 30 seconds in. you know the track, its the one with that sample about “joining the eggs of the humans and the animals”.  what possessed him to choose that track, out of 50 tracks on the Real Estate album, to feature is beyond us.

but if you think causing 5fm djs to lose their cool on air is funny, you should see the video for the track by Daniel Levi. it’s available for free download in the MEMBERS AREA


Spanish mag covermount feature

this seriously hip spanish magazine SERIEB Underground Magazine features the MARKUS WORMSTORM track NICOLAI on their October issue’s covermount cd.  Nice feature inside too…

well, it looks nice, and they’re really nice guys with exceptional taste and style (clearly). but the truth is we can’t read spanish so we couldn’t really tell you with any accuracy what the article actually says. for all we know, they might be dissing Sibot’s hairstyle… hmmmm, better get it translated.

But - it’s the first Dope release action ever in Spain and that’s a start. this year stylee underground magazines, next year Cafe Del Dope in Ibiza… eh? eh? eh?


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