3g stream in Scandinavia

Good news for Scandinavian dope-headz with 3G phones.

the Real estate Agents live album Pizzas : Live in Paris is now streaming on excellent Swedish streaming radio R Live (

you can also buy Real estate Agents mp3s and ringtones while you listen, direct onto your 3g mobile.

R Live is an excellent service providing live artist sets, dj sets and label sets from some of the world’s best underground electronic artists, djs and labels around the world.  For the meantime the service is only available in sacndinavia but will soon be available all over Europe on Vodafone and 3 networks.

check out a demo HERE

to access R-Live, you’ll need to be subscribed to Vodafone or 3’s music packages. Find R Live in the music section of their portal and tune in.

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only R60 each

Yes - you read right.

head down to your friendly Cash Crusaders store and pick up the Cape of Good Dope compilation, Kalahari Surfers - Akasic Record, Watkin Tudor Jones - The Fantastic Kill or the Silvertab Harmbe Dope Sessions cd for just R59.99, and The Real Estate Agents triple cd pack for just R119.99.

the Dope titles are just 5 of 50 independent Sa music titles taken on by the 112 store nationwide franchise, who are rapidly expanding from being a second hand goods store into a supplier of inexpensive new products as well. the other titles range from Afrikaanse Pop Treffers to commercial hits like Kallitz, Cashless society and KB, and a variety of other independent titles ranging from essential underground to lame beyond your wildest dreams.

the deal comes about as result of Mothermix Distribution ceo Alexander Gregori’s belief that if cds were a lot cheaper, a lot more of them would sell. his incessant hustling to this end has finally landed a big client prepared to test the idea. and full props to the mon for that.

we’re not 100% convinced that price is such an issue cos 90% percent of our market pirate our cds whatever price they are, but hey, it isn’t every day a chain store offers to buy more underground cds in one order than the sony bmg machine shifted nationwide in 2 years, so we’re checking it out and if you guys show us you like the price by buying some of our cds at Cash Converters, we’ll make more available.

so if you’re a sucker for a bargain - go get some independent SA cds at Cash Crusaders (preferably ours). it’s the right thing to do.

here’s the official press release from Mothermix Records



Subject: CD Prices Drop
Date: Monday, 13 March 2006
Release Date: Immediately
Contact: Alexander Gregori
phone 072 532 6954

Mothermix closes exclusive distribution deal with Cash Crusaders

Mothermix Distribution have closed an exclusive distribution agreement with Cash Crusaders, whereby the retailer will sell brand new CD’s for only R 59.95 in its 112 franchises country wide.

The first titles will be available in store at the end of this week.

Mothermix Distribution, who are part of The Mothermix Group, which also includes Mothermix Records, the label of award winning Afrikaans rap group KALLITZ, have been campaigning for lower CD prices for quite some time.

Group CEO Alexander Gregori explains: “We believe CD’s are too expensive in SA, because their price is based on the exchange rate, instead of the inland buying power of our currency. Even international titles are manufactured in SA, sometimes for as little as R 3 per CD, including casing and cellophane wrapping, but they retail for over R 100. Independent market research, done both in SA and internationally, indicates that people would buy 3 - 5 times more CD’s at R 60 to R 70. This would instantly almost double turnover in the SA music industry.”

Based on the inland buying power of respective currencies, CD’s are currently about 700% more expensive in SA than in the USA, the UK or Europe.

Mothermix Distribution feels that another big challenge for the growth of especially the independent SA music industry, which contributes most new releases, is the availability of this music to the public, and the lack of funds for proper marketing.

Alexander Gregori: “The idea of the Cash Crusaders deal is to grow the number of retail outlets for SA music, and by adding 112 new stores, we are growing the market about 20%. Cash Crusaders also agreed to market the new CD’s as part of their R 18 million per annum print campaign, and this commitment by a retailer to invest in marketing SA music is unprecedented in our industry.”

The music, which is on sale at all Cash Crusaders from mid March is also played on their new instore radio station Cruse Radio.

Alexander Gregori adds: “It was a challenge to explain our ideas about pricing to record companies, but top labels came on board, including SA’s premier rock/punk label Authentic Music, with artists like Tweak and Cutting Jade, Universal and Mama Dance with Jerusha and KB, Unreleased Records with Cashless Society, and so on. We also have a large variety of top selling Afrikaans and Gospel titles, and people will be able to buy these CD’s for up to R 30 cheaper than anywhere else!”

Cash Crusaders CEO Brent Topat sums up the deal: “Cash Crusaders are moving more and more into selling value added new product. The facts and figures presented by Mothermix Distribution made sense, and we decided to give it a try. This can add an exciting new dimension to our fast growing franchise.”

The brand new CD’s will retail at all Cash Crusaders franchises country wide from mid March for only R 59.95, and will be displayed in a custom made CD rack to set them easily apart from the stores’ wide range of second hand CD’s.

All available CD’s are advertised in Cash Crusaders bi-monthly, six page A3 pamphlet, which is inserted in all major newspapers, as well as community newspapers, and has a print run of over 3 million copy per edition.

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check this brand new African Dope special edition PODCAST from our mates at SEEDCAST. label boss Roach talks candidly about Dope issues, the rampant lameness in the SA music industry, and what’s going to happen next - plus showcases some new and rare tunes from the likes of Sibot & Teba, Zoro, Watkin Tudor Jones and The Real Estate Agents.

Subscribe to the podcast here:

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click here for story

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