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Can’t be there in body but we are attending on wax. well, CD actually…

if you’re at popkomm 2006 next week in berlin, pop in to the SAMEX stand - stand 17.510 - and pick up one of their sampler mp3 CDs, rammed full of fresh South African music and including 10 forthcoming releases from African Dope.

SAMEX is the recently formed SA Music Industry Export Association, an offical organisation dedicated to promoting export and trade in SA music. Go check the stand and grab a copy of the CD.

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from press release:


No, this isn’t about the latest fad lounge music CD.
It’s about something new we’re trying. As someone involved within the local
music industry, we like to think you’d be interested and hopefully, will
want to get involved. It’s something that we believe will benefit the Cape
Town music scene but, as these things go, will probably only work with your

Still here? Cool, read on.
PLUS 1 MEDIA PRODUCTIONS & ZULA SOUND BAR invite you to participate in the
The Listening Lounge concept brings new music - regardless of style or
genre -to anybody that wants to access it, in a relaxed, informal
environment, typically before it hits the shelves or the review columns.
It essentially allows interested people the opportunity to make their own
comments about the sorts of stuff that’s being released independently and/or
locally - a sort of “public selection committee”, if you will.
The idea is to keep it completely open and category free, with emphasis on
the local (meaning Cape Town) music and media industries.

The Experience occurs on the first THURSDAY of every month at the
ever-comfortable Zula Sound Bar between the hours of 16:30 and 18:30 (i.e.
miss the traffic, enjoy a smooth cocktail/ refreshing non-alcoholic drink,
hear new music on the Zula Sound Bar soundsystem, oggle a selection of the
latest indie music vidz on the big screen and participate in some lively
debate with the indie industry at large.) Where possible, participants will
be sampled with a copy and press pack of the highlight album or artist.

But that’s not all…
The Experience is also intended to become a sort of informal music and media
industry gathering, where interaction with label heads, producers, artistes,
DJs, journalists and the like is encouraged in an effort towards generating
open dialogue between all interested parties. At each session will be some
sample forms which can be filled-in, requesting a topic you would like to
see presented at the next Experience, or requesting answers to a topic you
would like to have addressed. In the event of nobody submitting a topic for
the next event, a forum topic will be chosen (by us) for discussion at each
event, that anybody is welcome to participate in, discussing what we like to
think of as a relevant or important topic for discussion as relates to our
An independent industry news sheet will also be available at each event,
detailing snippets of news and interesting bits from the desks of all our

A further mailer will be sent out to each of you (that respond to this
mailer with an expression of interest) detailing the forthcoming event and
topic for discussion (allowing you to prepare your ammo).

On the 7th of September - we launch the Experience with the AD NOISEAM label
(Berlin), featuring three killer new titles in experimental electronics,
drum ‘n’ bass, atmosfearic trance and lovely abrasive noise from the
artistes ANTIGEN SHIFT, DETRITUS and MOTHBOY. We will also air the brand new
album from imminent Cape Town rock gods TONIGHT WE DIE.

Anybody is welcome to participate and if there is anything you feel you can
bring to the experience - bring it on!
The success and scope of this venture is dependent on your input.

Here are the details then:
THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 7 2006 @ ZULA SOUND BAR ( 188 long street, cape town)
From: 16:30 -18:30.
Entrance is FREE.
Airing: three new titles from the mighty AD NOISEAM label (Berlin).
Drinks Specials in effect.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries,
comments, suggestions!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

all the best
Jon Monsoon
Plus 1 Media PR o d u c t i o n s
Office: +27 (0)21 426 1623
Mobile: +27 (0)72 311 4931

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a rocking weekend festival among the flowers at Darling. dj Fletcher braves the rock with his own brand of rocking beats. check ROCKING THE DAISIES for more info

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phat online deals on all our cds and vinyl

Legendary Belgian distributor Lowlands Distribution is still running their mid-price special offer on all African Dope back catalogue cds and vinyl, available anywhere on the planet via mail-order or from their secure online store.

NB - this is pretty much the only reliable source globally to still find titles like Krushed & Sorted ‘Acid (TM) Made Me Do It’, Moodphase5ive ‘Steady On’ and ‘Superdeluxe Mode’ albums and Felix Laband’s ‘4/4 Down the Stairs’. Plus of course all our other titles…

stocks are limited, prices are good (10.12 Euros ex postage for most titles) - so get it HERE while you still can

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