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Can’t be there in body but we are attending on wax. well, CD actually…

if you’re at popkomm 2006 next week in berlin, pop in to the SAMEX stand - stand 17.510 - and pick up one of their sampler mp3 CDs, rammed full of fresh South African music and including 10 forthcoming releases from African Dope.

SAMEX is the recently formed SA Music Industry Export Association, an offical organisation dedicated to promoting export and trade in SA music. Go check the stand and grab a copy of the CD.

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phat online deals on all our cds and vinyl

Legendary Belgian distributor Lowlands Distribution is still running their mid-price special offer on all African Dope back catalogue cds and vinyl, available anywhere on the planet via mail-order or from their secure online store.

NB - this is pretty much the only reliable source globally to still find titles like Krushed & Sorted ‘Acid (TM) Made Me Do It’, Moodphase5ive ‘Steady On’ and ‘Superdeluxe Mode’ albums and Felix Laband’s ‘4/4 Down the Stairs’. Plus of course all our other titles…

stocks are limited, prices are good (10.12 Euros ex postage for most titles) - so get it HERE while you still can

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we’re busy loading up all our artists and content onto the ultra-cool UK music community site Bandwagon , where they can rightfully take their place amongst a selection of the world’s biggest and scaliest independent artists for you to discover.

first up are label founders KRUSHED & SORTED, so head to their Bandwagon page ; become a fan, write a review, send a message, or just buy the KING OF THE SWINGERS or MAKESOME BREAKSOME realtone for your phone with easy short-code sms purchase. UK mobiles only at this stage…

The best unsigned bands

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Hip Canadian music channel DIRT.TV will be airing the MARKUS WORMSTORM “RINGO” video this Saturday September 9th @ 1:00 AM Pacific time in canada. Its on Starchoice satellite ch 258 and express vu 323.

if you’re in SA - sorry kids, the vid is beyond the comprehension of your local tv industry and if you want to watch it you’ll have to emigrate.

the vid was produced by the globally infamous BLACKHEART GANG, of which Real Estate Agent Markus is a member. if you haven’t downloaded their outrageous online video “Tale of How” yet - what are you still doing here?

head to and join the millions who already have!

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