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The latest episode of the Seedcast podcast series is now available for download. It’s super-frekkin-ultra rad and features DJ Dope (he the man) from African Dope records.

Dope is behind the phat mix that is African Dope’s Greatest Hit - and you can hear all of it on Episode 14 of Seedcast. Seedcast is also now available in mp3 and Ogg Vorbis formats for all you old school cats who don’t smaak iTunes.

You can download it and play it on your sister’s cellphone, burn it to CD, gooi it on your iPod or moer it through the computer speakers on your desk. Whatever

Click here to listen and find out more:

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available now!


Finally - it’s here!
The long-awaited second album from that half-man-half-turntable, wizard of the wickety wickety wickety wickety wickety wickety wickety wickety wick - Sibot!

‘In With The Old’ is a testimony to the universal skills of Sibot and an exploration in new disciplines like keys and drums. With collaborations from top artists like Teba, Spoek Mathambo and Chromoscience, this here is an album so rich and so musically full that it leaves no doubt in ones mind that Sibot has found what he was born to do!

It’s large, it’s phat, it’s heavy, it’s fun, its lemon scented! It’s dope as all hell!
Proudly pressed and released independently by our brothers at Sshadoworkss!

We must warn you: this album is available in a limited edition of 500 copies only, and they’re selling like cream cakes at a fat camp!

For a little sneak-peak, a taster, a teaspoon full, a mere appetizer, follow the link for a free mp3 preview of Sibot’s ‘Strhaff Tak’ tune.


Once you’ve finished listening, pick yourselves up off the floor, wipe up the drool and get the whole album now from our ONLINE SHOP
(all major credit cards/debit cards from anywhere accepted).

Get the album at a once-off, special act-now price for only R95!!!
(excl. postage and packing).

If you’re in the Cape Town vicinity and want to arrange for direct collection, or if you’re in South Africa and want to pay by bank transfer, e-mail us HERE to organise:

All press and other media enquiries: duncan@sshadoworkss


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Big Love
launch a dope compilation of CT underground beats

‘Antics From Under The Table’ – a Big Love CD launch.
Venue: Fiction Bar, 226 Long Street, CBD
Date: 24th March 2007
Time: 10pm
Cover: R100 with album, R30 without
Line-up: Humanizer, AK47,, Microstripe, Niskerone

Cape Town’s legendary party promoters Big Love celebrate their big 2nd birthday with the release of their very own compilation: Antics From Under the Table; a CD compilation as diverse as the city that inspired its conception.
The album features the work of local musicians Sibot, Lark, Unit.R, DJ Dope, ETC Crew, Humanizer, SFR & Hyphen, Tone Deaf Junkies, Ivan, AK47, Mix & Blend and The Considerate Builders Scheme, all of whom have performed at the various Big Love parties (Groove Project, Sofa Surfing, Breakage) over the last few years. 

The Cape Town launch party rocks Fiction Bar on the 24th, with a special Stellenbosch launch party being held the following Friday (30th March) at Die Mystic Boer (Victoria St, Stellenbosch.)

for more detailed info on the artists and where to pick up a copy of the CD, as well as

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rolling all over the world

Since its release late last year, our very famous bunker-busting DJ mix album has been circulating the world wildly and is doing dancefloor damage wherever it lands! One Australian club owner was heard to remark recently : “Jeepers mate, if this album was a fish I’d have thrown it back in!” Back home, even mainstream radio hasn’t been able to ignore us (a first for Dope!) and listeners to 5FM’s Vinyl Frontier show in December will remember our bass-busting episode with a wry smile. (And Michelle Constant - you rock!)


All you need to know about the album – and more - at the disc’s very own mini-site


What’s that, you say? You want free stuff?
Free mp3 chunk right HERE


The Greatest Hit CD is released by Lowlands Distribution in Belgium, Netherlands, and even Luxembourg next week, and in Germany via Alive Distribution in early April.

It is still available across SA in discerning, independent music shops like all Look ‘n Listen outlets, Mabu Vinyl and High 5ive in Cape Town. You can even get it online at

Better still, order it from our
online shop
today and receive a FREE bonus mystery Dope CD when you buy:


In keeping with our new digital Dope direction - the Greatest Hit album was featured on iTunes Dance homepage in January, with the DJ mix and all 42 full-length tracks it features bundled as a special offer for just US$ 9.99. You can still pick it up for that price here:

Black Dillinger - African Dope's Greatest Hit

You can also buy the full album OR individual tracks as a download at:


African Dope’s Greatest Hit is also available for your celly.
Check out our really dope spread of mobile content from the album only at:

(ZA only)


And you can stream the whole thing, for free, right here (courtesy

Pssst! If you’re a member of the press, radio or other kind of media and think you might want to give this great record some attention, please contact

If you are in the business of distributing, selling or licensing music and would like to get in on our action, email

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Quelling rumours about our main man

Quelling rumours that our man DJ Dope has a previously unknown about, shorter-haired twin brother in town, we wish to inform his fans that nay, they are one and the same man!

It is true; DJ Dope parted ways with his now legendary serpentine head-nest and opted for an altogether more socially acceptable ‘do’. Exact reasons why he made the drastic change have not been forthcoming from the dexterous DJ, although we do know it had something to do with a hair clipper set at Christmas time, a post Christmas lunch family dare and maybe too much light beer!

Either way, if you see DJ Dope out on the town or behind the decks, do compliment him on his dashing new do!

Want a pic of the all-new-coiffured DJ Dope:  email us

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