Jarring Effects presents CT Beats

France gets doped with Cape Town beats

It all started with the SiPHon cultural exchange project in 2002, which saw Waddy Jones and Sibot (then from The Constructus Corporation) collaborate on with Chris Dragongaz from French drum n bass crew Interlope. Some gigs in Paris followed, organised by the Jarring Effects crew. One of these became the Real Estate Agents’ “Pizzas (Live In Paris)” release. Chris spent some months in South Africa and contributed a track to Waddy’s Watkin Tudor Jones “The Fantastic Kill” project, produced by Sibot.

Then African Dope’s Roach met the gents from Jarring Effects at Midem 2007 and discussed the many ways to build bridges between cutting edge French and Cape Town music, and the Dope and Jarring Effects families.

And here’s the first fruit of that relationship:
A 3xCD package entitles “Jarring Effects presents Cape Town Beats”.

The pack, released in November 2007, includes:

- Sibot’s “In With The Old” album
- MC Totally Rad & DJ Fuck are Fuck’n’Rad album
- Jarring Effects presents Cape Town Beats Vol 1 compilation

For full details (in French) click here

The compilation includes tracks from African Dope, Pioneer Unit’s “Planetary Assault” compilation, plus tracks from Tone Def Junkies, Tykoon Suit and more. The Fuck’n’rad some might recall in it’s previous incarnation as “The Fantastic Kill” sans “Bang on the Drum”, rebranded and repackaged for Francophone consumption.

Sibot & Spoek Mathambo will also be touring France in November 2007 in support of the album release.

The deal also includes supply of all African Dope, sShadoworkss and Pioneer unit CDs from innovative French independent collective / online CD shop CD1D.com .

Altogether, it’s a great thing for Cape Town ‘underground’ music, and huge props to Jarring Effects collective for opening the door.

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Soul Candi Dope Deal

African Dope signs CD distribution deal with Soul Candi distribution for South Africa

African Dope is proud to announce a distribution deal with Soul Candi Distribution. Soul Candi has taken over distribution of all African Dope CDs in South Africa and some export territories.

African Dope’s CDs will be positioned in a dedicated African Dope section in the Soul Candi Selections racks inside large retailers like Look & Listen. The deal provides secure shelf-space in key outlets for African Dope, while for Soul Candi Distribution, the label is a logical partner as it seeks to expand local offerings with the same footprint as it’s import range.

Bottom line: it should be a lot easier to find our CDs on the shelves!

African Dope would like to thank Loophole Music for the years of bravery fighting the good fight for underground music like ours at SA music retail, and for opening the door to Soul Candi for us. Viva Stuntman Viva!

Wanna buy a Dope CD?
Wanna sell Dope CDs?

Contact Leyton Smith (Local Music Label Manager):
Soul Candi Distribution
leyton at soulcandidistribution.co.za

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