Hyphen & SFR’s pure SA Mix is Live


The seamless mind-spinners Hyphen & SFR are to the local electronic music scene what Caesar was to Rome. What Robert Mugabe is to Zimbabwe (Minus the syphilis). What Julius Malema is to buffoonery.

To all you nay-sayers and hype-skeptics, download this mix of South African ama-what-what, and only Mzansi ntoz. Qobelo lo. (Locally made tunes if you still haven’t clicked)

Drum & Bass and Dubstep heads have been ruining perfectly good t-shirts to the sounds of these two inside and outside of Cape Town for years now.. Not to mention Europe of course. That would just be crass. Enjoy the music.

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Smear your love on Mix n Blend


As you well know, Oppikoppi played host to sets from Mix n Blend as well as Dank & Bakaman. Needless to say, the Oppikoppi faithful were gobsmacked with the twiddling fingers and the flapping tongues. So much so that Evan Milton saw fit to write:

‘Mix ‘n Blend irrevocably proving that there’s no longer a distinction between “bands” and “DJs” when it’s done right’

Oh so very, very true. Click the above link to check out the full review of this years Oppikoppi Smoorverlief Festival on mahala.co.za

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Gtown Festival Soundtrack is Mix n Blend(ed)


Mix n Blend have been earning their respect for what people in the States might call ‘a hot minute’. Those in Sydney might call it ‘quite a bit, mayte’. Capetonians might say ‘Jas long, bru’. People from Kimberley seldom speak, but they would nod in agreement. Whichever way your tongue may waggle, these guys are about to be on its tip.

Fresh off their live, on-stage, networked laptop, multi-sampler, technological wizardry at Oppikoppi and The Woods in Joburg;

Shall We Swing and Spring Step feat. P.H.Fat; 2 tracks from Mix n Blend’s upcoming album ‘Look Mom No Hands’ (to be released by yours truly) is featured as the soundtrack to onesmallseed.tv’s short review of the Grahamstown Arts Festival. Click to check it out. 

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Zig Zag pumps African Dope Records


Legendary surf magazine Zig Zag has chosen African Dope Records music to be the sound of their Hurley ‘Sponsor Me Shootout’.

Click Here to Listen/Buy Cape of Good Dope 2

The Shootout is a competition between a couple of amateur surfers vying for the prize of a Hurley sponsorship, and it goes on for five days… That means five Dope tracks!!

Check out the Day 1 Video with the Dank track: ‘Ain’t no Place for Me’ from his album Cooking the Books

Check out the Day 2 Video with the P.H.Fat track from Cape of Good Dope 2: ‘Prime Apes’

Day 3’s Video has some real good footage to go with an even better track from Fletcher’s CoGd2 track: ‘Dreadlox Dub’. Don’t you cut off your dreadlocks!!

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Liver’s Dubstep Podcast on listenup.co.za


Listen or download Liver’s new dubstep mix that’s up on:


chromekids.blogspot.com also featured this Liver mix on their home page. Check it.

In the Liver’s own eloquent words: The mix starts off heavy then lightens up a bit, then gets heavy again…. there are a lot of local artists: Liver/SFR/Hyphen/Mix n Blend/Narch…. because i think that our local stuff is ripping it at the moment hard! 

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