Mix n Blend Rocks the Loerie Awards

Once a year, the best of the most dangerously innovative and forward-thinking individuals gather to pat themselves on the back for bombarding us with non-stop advertising. (And paying some of our bills. Thanks guys). The Loerie Awards are the most prestigious advertising awards in the land, and this year they were hosted in our delightful city of Cape Town.

Besides being full of ideas, these advertisers are known mainly for consumption of alcohol and contraband. So who better to entertain them than African Dope’s very own Fletcher, and Mix n Blend who performed Lazy Friday Sounds along with a whole host of the Dopest MC’s.

**Mix n Blend’s album ‘Look Mom No Hands’ is coming real soon. Watch this space**

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All aboard! MERLIN hits on the Roach


Let’s get this out of the way: MERLIN is essentially the international coffee shop of independent record labels.

“[MERLIN represents] its members in new media deals that can’t be easily negotiated locally or individually or are not covered adequately by existing arrangements.” It’s struck digital deals for members with Spotify, Catch Media, MUZU.TV, i-Mesh and others.

Altogether, the members now proudly lay claim to about 10% of the international music industry. The general goal is to give genuine legitimacy, community and legal clout to indies (the final frontier of musical innovation, the guinea pigs of the entertainment industry). Whine, whinge, moan.

Now then. While some whinge on, others make moves. The proverbial brains of this African Dope operation has done just that, having just been elected to the board of this pioneering musical enterprise as the only African representative. Nuff said. National becomes international, independent becomes co-dependent, African Dope is on the front line. 

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Last Chance to get ‘Moobrednow’ FREE on Nokia Music store


African Dope Records is renowned for budding up in as many spectacularly various places as one could ever hope to shake a stick at. Or light a candle for. Incidentally, to sample this particular strain, all you need do is pick up your phone. (that thing that’s joined to your hip.. your backbone’s connected to your...hip bone.. your hip bone’s connected to your.... phone bone)

Real Estate Agents - ‘Moobrednow’ now available free for download!! (the one from Nokia’s TV ad, for all ye hermits and mountaindwellers)
(You need to be be signed up to Nokia Music Store to access this link)

NOKIA Music Store has recently opened, offering all South African’s that couldn’t be bothered to mosey into a brick and mortar music store a way to acquire local and international music with the greatest of ease.
So, Nokia thought, ‘let’s make a music store!’. They then thought, we’ll need to catch the people’s attention with good music in our marketing. And at that point, they picked up the phone and called...................... Believe it.

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