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We like to make the enjoyment of African Dope products as easy and care-free as possible for our headz. We are also acutely aware that the state of the digital entertainment is such that each passing day presents the greatest opportunity in history for people to make decisions on what they do and do not like from an almost infinite range of possibilities which continue to grow exponentially. And we are most severely aware that in spite of this, we still see music videos of pool parties, big booty bikini girls and studio ganstas dominating the TV airwaves. Fear not, creativity and innovation have not yet perished. We’ve just uploaded our catalog of videos onto for your viewing pleasure. Do enjoy. 

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African Dope Soundsystem is up in the Dope Store!


As you well know, we’ve been releasing music for a good ten years now. Every so often, we are able to make available to you stock that many believed would never be pressed again. On this day, we bring to you one of the finest. African Dope Soundsystem was a coming together of Cape Town’s reggae and electronic music scenes, that retains its revolutionary status to this day. If you act quickly, you can get your hands on a copy of the CD in our Dope Store right about now. Stock is limited, and it may be your last chance to own this one! 

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Global Soundtracks puts Dopeness on their Landing Page


Mix n Blend are making the proverbial rounds of the proverbial global village in a way typical of African Dope Records’ offerings, SA’s proverbial taste-testers. have featured African Dope Records and Mix n Blend on their weekly podcast which covers experimental electronica from the world over, in a show consisting of bad ass beats and enlightening brain-pickery.

You’ll hear the haunting forebodings, nostalgic reminiscings and unbridled condemnations of co-founder of African Dope, Roach. Followed by the candid offerings of the Mix n Blend crew talking about their opinions on the local scene, and the road to their debut release: ‘Look Mom No Hands’. And all of this in amongst a variety of top tunes from African Dope and beyond, strung together by the unmistakable twang of a wise-cracking Englishman. Enjoy!

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Yes, yeeeees, Mix n Blend are beginning to see the fruits of their labour on ‘Look Mom No Hands’. have posted Outta Town (feat. Crosby) as one of their featured Breaks tracks! Digital is the dillyo (so to speak). Check it out..

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Krushed & Sorted Earthdance Madness!!

As has been told on this site, Krushed & Sorted unleashed their mind-blowing, Live, audio-visual spectacular at Earthdance 2009. What a pleasure to have watched it live, how fantastic to be able to savour it again. Check this clip, and say no more.

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