Rezonance Festival 2009 - African Dope Techno Dubfest Arena

Tremble in your bootsies. African Dope is hosting the ‘Techno Dubfest Arena Stage’ at this year’s edition of the mind-bending, beat-laden oasis which is:  Rezonance New Year’s Festival 2009.

You’ll be treated to the likes of Roach, Mix n Blend (African Dope), Niskerone, Krushed & Sorted (Live AV), Markus Wormstorm, Jacob Israel, Kalahari Surfers, Enough Weapons, The Cutt (2X SA DMC Champion), Tornado’s, Lonesome Dave Ferguson and Forgotten Frequencies (D Form + Rozanno) to mention but a few.

Of course, we have some samplers for your free downloading pleasure riiiiiight here:

And here:

The full lineup is a list of your favourite savages from home and abroad. Wide-eyed and inconsiderate, these prehistoric trouble-makers won’t let you stop dancing, no matter how nicely you ask. They dabble in the arts of eerie things like Electro, Breaks, Drum&Bass, Glitch-Hop, Swing, Dub, Rockabilly, Dubstep, Techno, Fidget, and whichever other genre comes into existence between today and December 31st.

Do believe that this is the only party worth lighting a candle for on New Year’s, and come join African Dope at Rezonance 2009 at the Techno Dubfest Arena. Check the Facebook event page for the full shabang diddily bap wahp wahp!

Posted by bakaman on 12/10 at 09:51 AM
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